NMBD process cannot restart

Kai Blin k.blin at gmx.net
Tue Oct 3 13:25:50 GMT 2000

Sitting at the campfire, Herb Lewis told:
> You should not be doing this "dirty workaround". The error message
> says to not set both parameters so don't do it. You are basically
> telling nmbd this "I want you to be the wins server" (wins support =
> true)
> and "I don't want you to be the wins server but use this other machine
> instead" (wins server = <server>). Pick one or the other but not
> both.

Good point. My error was a "wins server = yes" entry. Stupid, of course.
After changing it to wins support = true it works, of course. But the "dirty
workaround" did that, too. Perhaps this is a mistake.

Thanks by the way :)


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