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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Mon Oct 2 02:59:12 GMT 2000

> > Not all systems that support Samba can support PAM.  There are lots of
> > other important authentication mechanisms as well, including RADIUS and
> > Kerberos.  Where possible, consider an abstraction layer that doesn't 
> > rely on a specific underlying mechanism.
> > 
> pam works with both kerb and radius - and pam can be setup on just about
> any unix.
> And afterall - show me a unix who's market share is increasing that is not
> linux,solaris or *bsd.
> all of which support pam.

This isn't a national election. There is no reason to choose from amongst
the popular candidates only.  Besides, last I checked Theo was still
against PAM support in OpenBSD (my favorite of the *BSDs).  Also, not all
systems that can run Samba are Unix.

The set of services Samba requires of an authentication mechanism is not 
great.  It should be easy to abstract them and then build implementations 
that call PAM or other mechanisms directly.

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