TODO list proposal for volunteers

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Mon Oct 2 03:02:17 GMT 2000

> This isn't a national election. There is no reason to choose from amongst
> the popular candidates only.  Besides, last I checked Theo was still
> against PAM support in OpenBSD (my favorite of the *BSDs).  Also, not all
> systems that can run Samba are Unix.
no but reasonability says you support the os's that make the most sense to
work hard on - if someone wants to support something obscure - then that
is why the source is there.

> The set of services Samba requires of an authentication mechanism is not 
> great.  It should be easy to abstract them and then build implementations 
> that call PAM or other mechanisms directly.

additionally pam _IS_ the abstraction layer - its whole goal in life is to
make authentication be an abstracted section from the normal app.

read up on pam.


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