Automake and libtool for Samba

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Mon Nov 20 09:05:08 GMT 2000

use and search for the following: libtool

You will see some of the many problems which the SAMBA-TNG branch
hit around January this year.


On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 11:37:18AM -0700, Matt Peterson wrote:
> >From the folks at Caldera working on externalizing reusable Samba code
> ...
> Is there any reason why Samba does not make use of libtool and
> automake.  It has become very obvious that the patch we are making for
> Samba header and make files will need to use automake (for convenience)
> and libtool (to maintain portability).
> Automake and especially libtool have proven to be very valuable tools
> for building portable open source projects.  Before we get too far into
> this, it would be interesting to know why Samba does not use of these
> tools.
> If there are no objections, our patch will also include full a
> automake/autoconf and libtool build system for all Samba binaries.
> Comments?
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