Trouble with Samba on Solaris and Redhat

Forrest Denson fdenson at
Fri Nov 17 14:11:36 GMT 2000

When I try to play MP3's from a mounted samba share on a Solaris 2.6
Enterprise 3000 with my RedHat 7.0 AMD 500, the sound does not happen. 
The player, xmms, acts like it is playing the song at triple speed with
no sound.  Does anyone know what to about this?  

I also have a similar problem with a Win2kPro machine.  The sound does
not play every time when I click play but the clocks ticks on at normal
speed this time(Winamp).  All I have to do to fix this is restart the
song.  I suspect this to be a problem with Samba not being fully
compatible with Win2k.  But it's not really a problem since I can work
around this one. 


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