Trouble with Samba on Solaris and Redhat

Anders C. Thorsen anders at
Fri Nov 17 12:36:35 GMT 2000

I suggest that you increase "debug level = " in your smb.conf,
and see what is happening.

Possibly also post a copy of the log-file and smb.conf file to the list.


On Fri, Nov 17, 2000 at 09:11:36AM -0500, Forrest Denson wrote:
> When I try to play MP3's from a mounted samba share on a Solaris 2.6
> Enterprise 3000 with my RedHat 7.0 AMD 500, the sound does not happen. 
> The player, xmms, acts like it is playing the song at triple speed with
> no sound.  Does anyone know what to about this?  
> I also have a similar problem with a Win2kPro machine.  The sound does
> not play every time when I click play but the clocks ticks on at normal
> speed this time(Winamp).  All I have to do to fix this is restart the
> song.  I suspect this to be a problem with Samba not being fully
> compatible with Win2k.  But it's not really a problem since I can work
> around this one. 
> Forrest



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