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Forgive me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that you want the Domain
controller idea. Microsoft has already invented it, samba implements it.
You can make your samba machine join the domain controlled by your
NTServer. Please see the PDC FAQ


>I am looking for advice and help on how to build
>a user+password authentication process using libsmb.
>I'd be most greatful if someone can help me out by referring me to some
documentation or some URL or even explain to me how this should be done.
>Now in more details, I have a network consisting of 
>an NT 4.0 server (which holds user+password information, a Linux which
runs samba 2.0.7. And many pc's as clients.
>I need to write a program on the LINUX machine that given
>a user+password will contanct the NT server (either directly or through
the smbd process - this i don't know)
>and will just make a verification if the user+password do exist on the NT
server and are correct.
>some valuable information is that in the smb.conf file I
>have security=domain  and encryption turned on.
>My final goal, if this can shed more light on what I'm trying to do,  is
to make an authentication process that will work with NCFTPD which is
running on the LINUX machine.
>I'd appreciate any help I can get...
>If you can send me the answer directly to davesmb at this would
be great.
>Thanks in advanced,
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