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Ludolf Holzheid LHolzheid at bihl-wiedemann.de
Fri Nov 10 21:43:50 GMT 2000

I replyed to the wrong address - sorry, Tim.

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On 11 Nov 2000, at 5:03, Tim Potter wrote:

> You could keep lists of pointers and try fetching/setting user
> information using each module in turn.  Adding users might get a
> bit complicated. (-: 

As far as I understood, only 2 backends are needed, one for normal 
operation (as 'authoritative' db) and one for migration (as rwite-
only backup db).

Why don't you compile two versions of each backend, one for each 
purpose, with the interface functions of the migration backend 
redefined, e.g.

#	define pdb_add_sam_account mpdb_add_sam_account

This way, you get two seperate name spaces for authoritative and 
migration backend.


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