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John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Tue Nov 7 01:21:21 GMT 2000

Jeremy Allison wrote:

> "John E. Malmberg" wrote:
> >

> > For OpenVMS, the case of the file specification is ignored when the file
> > looked up.  All of this processing is just extra overhead.
> >
> > And I think I saw in that there is an SMB flag for case sensitive file
> > sharing.
> >
> > So those sites with UNIX where the users understand the implications of
> > could also turn it off for performance.
> Yes indeed - just set "case sensitive = no" - then all
> the statcache and much of this code is bypassed. I'd
> be very interested in a NetBench run with these two
> options on and off, on a VMS box as this would give us
> a relative comparison on how this extra processing
> affects us.

I remember seeing that in the smb.conf documentation, but did not check to
see the results down the source path.

At this time I am unable to do any more heavy development and testing, but
will pass along this to the SAMBA-VMS list and see if anyone tries it.

I assume that since "case sensitive = no" is the default, that you really
meant "case sensitive = yes".  As it is the default case that does the most

As a quick unscientific test, in a directory with only 37 files in it:

Case sensitive = Yes

Averages 32 seconds in several tests, no real variances seen.

Case sensitive = No

Averages 41 seconds in several tests, no real variances seen.

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