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Michael Glauche mg at
Mon Nov 6 21:26:11 GMT 2000

--On Montag, 6. November 2000 11:29 -0800 Jeremy Allison 
<jeremy at> wrote:
> Yes indeed - just set "case sensitive = no" - then all
> the statcache and much of this code is bypassed. I'd
> be very interested in a NetBench run with these two
> options on and off, on a VMS box as this would give us
> a relative comparison on how this extra processing
> affects us.

I did some quick tests with 2.0.7 on an old x86 box:

A directory with 5300 files, mostly jpegs, opening one jpeg with acdsee
(which does a dirlist ...)
with case sensitive = no it takes about 10 sec.
with case sensitive = yes it takes about 4-5 sec.

If I copy them to local hd its nearly instant ... Too bad I haven't got
a win* server to test against ...


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