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Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Nov 6 19:29:22 GMT 2000

"John E. Malmberg" wrote:
> "Jeremy Allison" <jeremy at> wrote:
> > On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 03:34:48AM +0900, okuyamak at wrote:
> >
> <snip about stat() performance issues >
> >
> > Have you taken a look at the re-design of the number
> > of stat calls for the Miami conference ? This should
> > help - the reason we have to do a stat call on an incoming
> > path is that we have to map the case insensitive name given
> > to smbd to a case sensitive name used by UNIX.
> Is there some way to make this either configurable as a run time or a
> compile time option?
> For OpenVMS, the case of the file specification is ignored when the file is
> looked up.  All of this processing is just extra overhead.
> And I think I saw in that there is an SMB flag for case sensitive file
> sharing.
> So those sites with UNIX where the users understand the implications of it
> could also turn it off for performance.

Yes indeed - just set "case sensitive = no" - then all
the statcache and much of this code is bypassed. I'd
be very interested in a NetBench run with these two
options on and off, on a VMS box as this would give us
a relative comparison on how this extra processing
affects us.


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