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John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Mon May 8 12:25:19 GMT 2000

Ron Alexander <rcalex at home.company> wrote

> Is there any way to 'turn off' the code page logic. The platform I am
> porting to does not have codepages.

AFAIK no platform that SAMBA runs on supports codepages.  I think that they
are a Microsoft Invention.

The codepage routines are for platforms that do not have codepages.  They
are pretty straight forward routines and do not seem have any platform
dependant stuff.

If you do not build the separate codepage compiler, and then compile the
supplied codepages, SAMBA will still work, it may log a diagnostic about
using a default codepage.

The only real change that I am considering for the codepage support on
OpenVMS is changing the translation routine.

The VAX hardware can translated an entire 'C' formated string through the
codepage array with one instruction.  OpenVMS provides access to this
instruction from a Library CALL.

While doing this will speed things up, I would have to perform some tests to
determine if it is significant enough to be worth the effort.

I do not know what other platforms have this type of instruction / library

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