"unbecome lmb" oddity

Duncan duncan at surveyorcorp.com
Thu Mar 30 18:43:26 GMT 2000

>From: David Collier-Brown - Sun Canada <davecb at scot.canada.sun.com>
>Duncan,	can playing with the "preferred" bits or the os level result
>in NT winning on TCP and staying there? And do you have the logs from
>previous elections which NT won non-destrutively?

sorry -- office politics came into play again.  can't investigate,
have been ordered to leave it in its current broken state.  go fig.

no, i have no logs showing samba giving up local browse master to
the NT box in a happy way.

interestingly, today, the win98 machines are having no trouble
browsing... but an NT workstation gives the message "Surveyable
is not accessible.  The account is not authorized to login from
this station."  

this leads me to suspect my trouble is not now with samba but 
rather with the local netadmin.  humans aren't well documented.  :)
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