Multiple subnets and browsemaster wars.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Tue Mar 28 16:00:03 GMT 2000

>  Im having a browsing problem with a subnetted network.
>  At the centre is samba 2.0.6 on a DU box. Works well.

A quick check... make sure that those evil PCs don't have NetBIOS bound to
more than one protocol.  If NetBIOS is bound to NetBEUI or NWLink then
Windows will think that these are additional (virtual) LANAs and will send
requests to them as well.  If it asks for a browse list on, say, the
NetBEUI LANA it will get no reply and call for an election.  The election
request will go out all LANAs and the Samba server will come back as
winner.  Since Samba isn't on NetBEUI, only backup browsers (if any) will
be available on the NetBEUI LANA.  Result?  That LAN needs a master so
another election is called. 


Just a thought.

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