Multiple subnets and browsemaster wars.

Matthew Geier matthew at
Tue Mar 28 23:19:04 GMT 2000

"Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> >  Im having a browsing problem with a subnetted network.
> >  At the centre is samba 2.0.6 on a DU box. Works well.
> A quick check... make sure that those evil PCs don't have NetBIOS bound to
> more than one protocol.  If NetBIOS is bound to NetBEUI or NWLink then

 We are doing that. Unfortunatly we don't know where all the PCs are
(some are laptops) and some people don't belive us about only having
TCP/IP installed and reinstall netbeui or IPX
after we leave :-(. At any rate if they have the WINS stuff correct,
even though I get a browse master war happening, they at least sync the
browse list with the master server and all works from the client point
of view. Its when some PC that IS NOT configured with our WINS server
address wins that things break, and I can't see a way to detect that
easly - as the offending local browsemaster doesnt register with our
WINS server. Note some of the 'rouge' broken PC's have the wrong netmask
set. An historical accident. (The LAN here was once one large class 'B'
range. It was then subnetted, but for years no one bothered to configure
client machines properly. Proxy arp fixed the inconsistancies so no one

 The main issue - since I have broadcast forwarding, I dont REALY need a
browse master in each subnet do I?. The workstation broadcast for name
resoultion or browse lists will get forwarded to the samba server. I
assume it can answer back to the remote subnet. What I appear to need is
some what to have the central samba server's 'im the browse master' sent
back to the subnets so some win9x client doesnt think It has to be a
master, and initiates an election which the main samba server see's.

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