More utmp stuff

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Fri Mar 24 19:50:29 GMT 2000

David Lee wrote:
> Some points:
> o  The utmp functionality seems to be proving popular.  So we ought to
>    continue to improve it and port it.

Agreed - it does seem something that many people want.

> o  The sheer variety of utmp implementations means that porting is
>    becoming increasingly non-trivial.

This is an understatement :-).

> o  We need to pare down to the absolute minimum the work needed by the
>    central Samba team to handle this can'o'worms.  My guess is that
>    they want to keep out of the gory details of implementation, but
>    nevertheless keep a managerial eye over the process.

Thankyou ! Yes - this is *exactly* right !

> o  Samba 2.0.7pre2 (not pre1) is the base to work from.
> o  I would strongly urge that this base be augmented by a patch I sent to
>    Jeremy a few weeks ago (since re-sent) which makes a better attempt at
>    getting the default pathnames.

Ok - I will get this into the codebase asap.

> o  We should strongly consider moving the code out of "smbd/connection.c"
>    into a separate file, because the code will, of necessity, become
>    increasingly littered with "#ifdef MY-LITTLE-OS" constructions
>    (somewhat akin to "smbd/quotas.c").

This won't happen for 2.0.7 - that would be too much of a change at
this late stage. I will target this for 2.0.8 and above.

> Does that all sound reasonable?

> Jeremy:
> o  Do you approve the above?


> o  Could you consider separating out the code from connection.c in
>    whatever way you see best?  Either with or without my patch, I don't
>    mind.  There'll be knock-on effects on Makefiles etc. to be done.

As above - expect this for 2.0.8.
> o  Those of us who are interested can then use this as a base for
>    development and porting.  This should be entirely self-contained in the
>    new "utmp.c" file (with minimum necessary "", "loadparm.c"
>    changes), as outlined above.  OK?
> o  Could you nominate someone to coordinate the nitty-gritty work?

You seem to be the interested party :-). I'm all for self
selection in these things.

Thanks for all your help on this,


Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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