More utmp stuff

David Lee T.D.Lee at
Mon Mar 27 15:02:28 GMT 2000

On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> David Lee wrote:
> > o  Samba 2.0.7pre2 (not pre1) is the base to work from.
> > 
> > o  I would strongly urge that this base be augmented by a patch I sent to
> >    Jeremy a few weeks ago (since re-sent) which makes a better attempt at
> >    getting the default pathnames.
> Ok - I will get this into the codebase asap.

Many thanks.

> > o  We should strongly consider moving the code out of "smbd/connection.c"
> >    into a separate file, because the code will, of necessity, become
> >    increasingly littered with "#ifdef MY-LITTLE-OS" constructions
> >    (somewhat akin to "smbd/quotas.c").
> This won't happen for 2.0.7 - that would be too much of a change at
> this late stage. I will target this for 2.0.8 and above.

That's OK.  The important thing at this stage is to ensure that we have an
agreed baseline.  Indeed, while I hope the current interface into the utmp
code ("utmp_claim()" and "utmp_yield()") is OK, there is a chance it might
require adjustment as the ports are done and the functionality developed. 

> > o  Could you nominate someone to coordinate the nitty-gritty work?
> You seem to be the interested party :-). I'm all for self
> selection in these things.

Hmmm... OK.  But I'll have to be realistic about my workload etc.  So if
anyome else wishes to volunteer, please do.

As I see it, there will be a flurry of activity (already partly witnessed) 
as OS quirks appear, as ports are attempted, and as new ideas (e.g. "utmp
consolidate") arise, which may have internal structural implications. But
eventually this should settle down to the normal trickle of bug fixes, and
the code development would revert to the normal channels.

I'm happy to try to coordinate this discussion and development phase, and
to maintain an evolving version of (or diff of) "connection.c", and diffs
of "", "loadparm.c" etc.

I have no real experience of "cvs" etc., so such maintenance would be
against a well-defined, public, version, and made available by WWW.  This
would probably the official 2.0.7 (although in the early days, might be
2.0.7pre2, as augmented by any commits Jeremy makes to "connection.c" and
related items).


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