utmp and "w"

Freddie freddie at ns1.nowait.net
Fri Mar 24 07:09:57 GMT 2000

 From w's manpage:

        The JCPU time is the time used by all  processes  attached
        to the tty.  It does not include past background jobs, but
        does include currently running background jobs.

        The PCPU time is the time used  by  the  current  process,
        named in the "what" field.

Seeings as the tty is set to smb/xx, there shouldn't be any processes 
registered as attached to it. Well...

freddie  smb/1    zugzug            1:18pm  0.00s  2days   ?     -

The JCPU field (2days) is actually how much CPU time my distributed.net 
client has been using, not how much smbd has been using. Sigh. The next 
field is PCPU, "?" being very helpful also :) It's really only a cosmetic 
thing, and I'm not sure if it's fixable. Sigh, oh well.


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