[PATCH] utmp fixes

Freddie freddie at ns1.nowait.net
Fri Mar 24 03:47:35 GMT 2000


Ok, your utmp entry sticks around until all of the connections from your ip 
address have closed, _then_ it calls utmp_yield().

Added a function to smbd/conn.c, int conn_count(connection_struct *conn). 
It steps through Connections, checking each one's client_address field 
against conn->client_address, incrementing a if it finds it. It only gets 
used once, in utmp_yield, where it checks the number of connections left, 
if it's <= 1, we delete the utmp entry. Otherwise, just return.

Haven't touched the utmpx parts at all yet, a few parts of the code will 
have to change, I'll test this out on bouncy later on.

Someone with an OS other than Linux like to test this out?

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