Accessing netlogon share twice ...

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Mon Mar 20 07:12:53 GMT 2000

I have been looking again at the issue of what shares are accessed when a
Win9X box logs onto a server, and I am forming the impression that the
following happens.

1. The Win9x box sends the NetLogon request
2. A server that can handle logons responsd and supplies the NetBIOS name of a
   logon server.
3. The client connects to the IPC$ share on that machine and does a 
4. The client then does a NetWkstaUserLogon whichh returns the name of the
   script and the server it is on.
5. The client connects to that server and retrieves the logon script and
   runs it.
6. The client then checks in the user's home directory, which is usually 
   connected as part of the logon script, for the user.dat and

7. Then the client reconnects to the netlogon share and looks for config.pol

What I am not sure of at the moment is if a Win9X client always looks for
config.pol on the netlogon share or not.

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