Accessing netlogon share twice ...

Michael Ju. Tokarev mjt at
Mon Mar 20 16:01:18 GMT 2000

Richard Sharpe wrote:
> I have been looking again at the issue of what shares are accessed when a
> Win9X box logs onto a server, and I am forming the impression that the
> following happens.
> 1. The Win9x box sends the NetLogon request
> 7. Then the client reconnects to the netlogon share and looks for config.pol
> What I am not sure of at the moment is if a Win9X client always looks for
> config.pol on the netlogon share or not.

Not a direct answer -- I don't know details well. But:
You can look to registry at the key
This holds info about whenever (win95) machine should consult
config.pol file and where.  UpdateMode (0|1|2, probably others)
is one of values here (0 means _not_ try to look into config.pol),
and another one is NetworkPath -- the full (unc) path for config.pol
file (I set it to "\\fileserver\netlogon\config.pol").

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