Changing passwords from Windows 95 950 B

Michael Ju. Tokarev mjt at
Thu Mar 16 17:57:20 GMT 2000

Brian Hall wrote:
> OK, how about the reverse? IOW, how do I change the my network NT password from
> Linux? When I try to use "smbpasswd -r" I get this error message after entering

Oops.  I never mind that there is a reverse thing available!

> the old and new passwords:
> machine CXO-BRWSMSTR-1 rejected the password change: Error was : code 2221.
> Failed to change password entry for BwHall

I can't say anything about this, since I even have no NT machines.
Probably password changes on NT are legal only inside NT domain ?
So that your samba should be a member of a domain to that your NT
machine belongs?  I don't know anything about this...

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