Tim Potter tpot at
Wed Mar 1 21:41:31 GMT 2000

Elrond writes:

> Could you take a look at what I did with
> global_sid_everyone? I think, it's a better attempt at the
> whole fun, cause it has some const in it, so you can't
> accidently change it.
> And it's a pointer, so you don't have to do &global_sid_*,
> but can just use global_sid_*.

Yep - I found that one.  I just thought that having some numbers in
hex when they are expected to be in decimal a bit confusing.  There's
another occurence in the SAM_USER_INFO structures too.

> And you can do this paralell to the old style (as I did
> with everyone), and later make global_sid_1_5_20 static.



>     Elrond

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