samba name registration ceases to work

David S. Chappell David.Chappell at
Thu Jun 22 10:41:11 GMT 2000

At 08:46 AM 6/21/00 +1000, Stephen Smith wrote:
>About a year ago, I set up samba to run on a Linux box here at work.
Everything was
>working fine, i.e. others could see the shares on the server and get data
from them. 
>My /var/log/samba directory had approx. 1000 entries in it.  Over the last
>approx. 5 machines can see the box.
>The windows NT 4.0 boxes can get their information from the WINS server
correctly and
>can see the other machines on the local net, but not the samba box.
>The current theory is that the name is not getting registered with the
WINS server.

I have see this happen too on my network.  Samba initially gets its name
registered with the WINS server, but the name isn't renewed.  After about 5
days the Samba server becomes inaccessible as far as MS-Windows clients are
concerned.  It seems to have started to happen after I upgraded most of my
Samba servers to 2.0.7.  I have had to put static entries in the WINS server.

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