Win 2000 and samba 2.0.7 question

Drash, Jim [EESUS] JDrash at
Wed Jun 21 12:58:11 GMT 2000

I have been running samba successfully for sometime.  I am running 2.0.7.  I
was testing connectivity between my Windows 2000 box and samba vs Win 9x and
samba.  I have security = user, I have set passwords to be encrypted and
have a username map file.  The Win 9x box attaches to the appropriate share
as my userid (as set forth in the username map file).  The Windows 2000 box
ends up as user nobody (my pc guest account).  In both cases, Userid for the
Win 9x box and 2K are the same.

Any ideas?

Jim Drash
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