trying to get a remote samba server on my local system

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Jun 22 05:47:03 GMT 2000

> Hello,
> Would anyone know how I can get a remote samba server to appear on my 
> local Network Neighborhood.

On your local LAN, is there a Local Master Browser?

> The Lan here is behind a box acting as a fiirewall (with no real
> firewall rules)
> and that box is also a samba server. It has 2 NICS and I have used remote 
> announce on the remote server some 20 miles away. I can view and use the 
> shares via start  run \\server\share  but it, for some reason won't appear as i 
> have said, in network neighborhood. 
> As well If I do a smbclient -L servername -N it does not show a master. 

The -L option is used to list services offered. What you really want to
play with is nmblookup, which you can use to find local master browsers 
on your network or on the remote network.

In order for remote announce to work, there must be a local master browser
on your local LAN.  Since your gateway box is also running samba, you can
set it up to be an LMB.

I *believe* that you might have to put all of the systems into the same 
workgroup.  If they're not already in the same workgroup try setting your 
local Samba server to be an LMB without changing anything else.

Good luck.

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