trying to get a remote samba server on my local system

Lanny Baron lnb at
Thu Jun 22 01:05:29 GMT 2000

Would anyone know how I can get a remote samba server to appear on my 
local Network Neighborhood. 

The Lan here is behind a box acting as a fiirewall (with no real firewall rules) 
and that box is also a samba server. It has 2 NICS and I have used remote 
announce on the remote server some 20 miles away. I can view and use the 
shares via start  run \\server\share  but it, for some reason won't appear as i 
have said, in network neighborhood. 

As well If I do a smbclient -L servername -N it does not show a master. 

Your help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Lanny Baron

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