Keys to Happiness on OKbridge

OKbridge Customer Support guesthelp at
Fri Jun 9 15:56:31 GMT 2000

Dear OKbridge Guest,
Welcome to OKbridge!

Over the next 30 days, you can experience playing bridge with other
guests, as well as with some of our over 19,000 members from over 80

To make your experience most enjoyable, here are some tips that have
helped other future members like you:

1. Try to join a table that is appropriate for you. The fourth column
   in the "Tables and Players" window shows the playing level at the table
   (see the "Start Up Instructions" on how to reach the tables and
   players window).
2. When joining a table, please say "Hello" or "Hi" .
3. Always ask to be seated at one of the open seats, don't just sit
   down (more information on this in the "Start Up Instructions".).
4. Fill in your personal information on your stats page, indicating
   your level. To do this, go to File, then click on Account, then click
   on Edit your stats.
5. Never quit or leave the table when you are in a contract that
   doesn't seem to fare well.
6. Always be courteous to your partner and your opponents.
7. If your bid is not natural, please explain the meaning to the
8. The server of the table makes the "rules" for the table. Please ask
   the server any questions you may have concerning rules and ethics at
   that table.

For a more detailed discussion of our Conduct & Ethics, click on the
underlined words below to visit our web site at:

Thanks and please enjoy your bridge games.

Wanda Sing
Director of Customer Service

To take the place of facial expressions and verbal comments, OKbridge
players frequently use symbols or abbreviations to express themselves.  
Here are a few that you are likely to see:

:-)      Happy face
:-(      Sad face
;-)      Wink
LOL      Laughing out loud

GLP      Good luck, partner
THX      Thanks
TYP      Thank you, partner
WDP      Well done, partner

SAYC     Standard American Yellow Card
!        Alert

To see a much more extensive list of expressions, try going to the
following web page (depending on your email program, you may be able 
to just click on this text):

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