SWAT always shows smbd as NOT running

Ron Alexander rcalex at home.com
Thu Jun 1 12:38:59 GMT 2000


One thing I should have pointed out is that the web browser is running on my
NT accessing SWAT over the internet using a VPN.  I do not have bind
interfaces only. This used to work (most of the time) on 2.0.6, but never on
2.0.7. I thought there was a problem with port 139, but the firewall people
tell me everything outbound from the Stratus is open.


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Ron Alexander wrote:

> In 2.0.7 SWAT always shows smbd as NOT running. Is it just me, or is this
> bug.

I don't think that it is a bug, because here SWAT and "samba-2.0.7" are
running quite well (i.e. the status of both "smbd" and "nmbd" is listed

> If everyone else is seeing the right thing, can anyone suggest what might
> cause it?

Perhaps you have got a line called

  "bind interfaces only = yes"

within your "smb.conf" and forgot to add the IP address of your loopback
device ("") to the "interfaces = " line. This would be a
possible explanation for the strange behaviour of SWAT.


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