Samba server as application server (e.g. X11 based)

degnbol at degnbol at
Sun Jul 30 11:33:03 GMT 2000

> Has there been any interesting work done or experience with using a samba
> server as an application server, possibly via the magic script facility?
> It should be fairly easy to create the following situation:
> -	A MS-W* user executes a stub program on MS-W* on a drive mapped
> 	from a samba server by a simple click on a desktop icon.
> -	The stub contacts the samba server for that drive using a magic
> 	script kind of trick.
> -	samba server chdirs() to the right place, sets $DISPLAY
> 	using getpeername() or something and execs knews or
> 	an xterm with mutt (just an example).
> There are many X11 servers for Windows. Question remains how much work
> there is left for authentication in the other direction, e.g. using
> MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE. There might also be some work for chdir()ing to the
> right place and of course for the stub program. It all looks fairly easy
> to me so I wonder if someone has traveled this path before?
> PS.
> X11 communication could pass through the stub program giving a whole lot
> of other possibilities.
> -- 
> Frank
Take a look at It is a 
Windows shell extension, starting X11 programs on samba shares when they are 
doubleclicked. It does not use magic scripts, but rsh or rlogin.


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