INFO: SAMBA-VMS mailing list problems

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Sun Jul 30 14:22:25 GMT 2000

The SAMBA mailing lists are all having problems right now.

Until it is fixed, please cross post SAMBA VMS specific issues to
comp.os.vms otherwise known as info-vax at (Perform obvious
anti-spam fix)

There appears to be a lot of overlap in the list members, and the SAMBA-VMS
mailing list is usually low volume.

At this time, if you think you are subscribed to the SAMBA-VMS mailing list,
you may not be.  You also may not be getting delivery of messages even if
the web interface to the SAMBA lists show you to be subscribed.

Please do not send test messages to the SAMBA-VMS mailing list to verify
your status.  If you did not receive a message in the last 24 hours, you
will not, but others have.

New subscriptions to the SAMBA mailing lists may or may not be processed

The SAMBA team is aware of the problem and are in the process of rehosting
the mailing lists to a different machine.

For the most current information on the mailing list problems please see:

Thank you,

wb8tyw at

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