funky LsaQueryInfo change

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Jul 25 17:13:44 GMT 2000

> 	    Elrond
> I managed to find some time over the weekend to update my TNG tree at home
> and have a look.  Oh well. :/
> It looks like we need to remove the check for lp_domain_logons() @
> rpc_server/srv_lsa.c:531 in SAMBA_2_0 if we want to match TNG behavior (TNG
> appears to reply to a query_info @ level 0x03 unconditionally).

yes, should always reply to level 5 and level 3, otherwise you run into
all soerts of problems.  lsaqueryinfopolicy was one of the very first
functions we had to implement.

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