win98 and win 95

Marcelo Goncalves Narciso narciso at
Mon Jul 24 20:23:37 GMT 2000

Hi, people.

I have computers with win 98 and win95. The samba
server is solaris 2.7. I have samba 2.0.7.

In the smb.conf there is a service which name is
siger1. The owner of siger1 is siger1.

There is a constraint that is security=user.

If I login in win 9x as marcelo and i try to
get the siger1 service, appears a error message:
Invalid passwd/user.

I want to have an answer for this question. 
Which parameters I vave to change to I get
the siger1 service when I login in win9x as
user marcelo?

Thanks a lot

Marcelo G. Narciso - narciso at
Researcher of Embrapa Informatica Agropecuaria - Brazil.

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