Question about file locking

Peter Samuelson peter at
Mon Jul 24 22:14:49 GMT 2000

[Andy Rechenberg <ARechenberg at>]
> Is it the responsibility of the application to request the lock?


> Because Notepad (and a couple of other applications I'm using) does
> not seem to lock the file at all.  Very frustrating :)

Notepad's fault. (:  If it's any consolation, a *lot* of Unix utilities 
don't lock files either.  Windows apps, while generally behind the
times in a lot of respects (often very poor support for per-user
customizations, for example), do tend to do decent locking.

Actually I'm guessing Notepad probably uses the lock-open-unlock-edit-
lock-save-unlock method.  This has advantages and disadvantages....


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