Samba & Unix users sync

Shaun delius at
Wed Jul 19 21:56:03 GMT 2000

> > I believe that the problem is in the password hashes.  The smbpasswd file 
> > contains the Microsoft hash of the password, as opposed to the Unix 
> > hash.  Since it should be impossible to generate the original password 
> > from the hash, both sets of data are required if you still have Windows 
> > servers on your network.
> > 
> > There are some things in the works that will allow you to use the Windows 
> > password for Unix login, if your Unix systems support nsswitch.
> 1. Do you have any more information on what is "in the works"?

Perhaps I'm confused but isn't this already available? For PAM sysmets
(which is basically Linux and Solaris) you can use either pam_smb or
pam_ntdom, in fact, I think both are available from the samba archives. 
> 2. Are you aware that activity has started in the last couple of weeks on
>    developing the open source "Linux-PAM" to work on other PAM-based
>    systems?  Having available a PAM module to handle MS hashes could
>    be very beneficial to the many people who run Samba on PAM-based
>    servers.  Coordination (or at least mutual awareness) of Samba and
>    (son-of-)Linux-PAM activities would be worthwhile. 

Ummmm.... PAM is an open standard defined by an rfc? A pam module should
be able to be compiled and installed on any PAM based system?

Am I missing something?


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