Feature Request: NIS support

Peter Samuelson peter at cadcamlab.org
Fri Jul 14 02:34:01 GMT 2000

[Gerald Carter <gcarter at valinux.com>]
> Due to the incompatible hashing algorithims used in LanMan/NT hashes
> and the standard UNIX crypt() (uses DES encryption) function, you
> cannot use MS CHAP auathentication and validate against NIS.

Well, theoretically you could.  Just implement smbpasswd via a NIS map.
This has already been done for NIS+.  It would be quite useful to have
this for NIS as well, because a key/value database scales a lot better
than a flat file.  As to why it hasn't already been done (if indeed it
hasn't!) -- my guess is that there just isn't a portable C equivalent
to `ypmatch'.

...But I know what you meant.  You meant "against the passwd.byname NIS 
map". (:


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