Feature Request: NIS support

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Thu Jul 13 19:54:22 GMT 2000

Nils Lohner wrote:
>   Hmmm... then something's misconfigured I think... or 
> I didn't try something I thought I had.  Maybe I 
> already had the user in smbpass which prevented his 
> real passwd from working?  I looked through the docs 
> (and FAQ) but couldn't find anything.
> I have the users in /u/* and the /etc/passwd file has 
> the NIS maps working properly (i.e. I can log in fine, 
> see the dir, automount works etc.)  Any particular place 
> I need to look in the .conf file or docs to see what 
> I'm missing?
> Sorry, but I couldn't find this in the docs. More 
> pointers would be much appreciated...
> Thanks, Nils.

I think you probably have "encrypt passwords = yes" in smb.conf.
Due to the incompatible hashing algorithims used in LanMan/NT 
hashes and the standard UNIX crypt() (uses DES encryption) 
function, you cannot use MS CHAP auathentication and validate 
against NIS.

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