Multiple WINS Servers Enhancement

Dave Olker dave_olker at
Sun Jul 9 17:08:07 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter wrote:
> <steps up to the mic and addresses the crowd>
>   Let's sum this up and deal with the issues at hand.
>   Chris Hertel has graciously volunteered to apply the
>   "multiple WINS server" patch with the following
>   modifcation:
>         'wins server' will accept multiple IP's rather
>         than adding a new parameter (secondary wins
>         server) and will function in a similar manner
>         to the password sersver parameter.
>   Documentation must clearly and unambiguously state
>   that the list of IP's (or hostnames) should only
>   include WINS server able to participate in multi-
>   master replication.  Currently this is only Windows NT.
>   Is there any further discussion?  I will delete any
>   further messages regarding WINS replication which are
>   tagged onto this thread.  If someone wants to bring
>   up a discussion about WINS replication protocols, that's
>   fine.  However, it is not a part of the proposed patch. :-)
>   Finally, thanks to Dave Olker for taking the time to
>   initially submit this code. :-)

You're welcome.  I'm thrilled that the samba team will be implementing
this enhancement.  I only wish I could get someone to take an interest
in the CIFSSTAT utility I submitted earlier the same day and provide
some feedback.  ;)

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