Netatalk support in Samba (reposted)

Kevin P. Fleming kfleming at
Fri Jan 28 00:13:53 GMT 2000

Actually, no, it's much simpler than that. The netatalk support in Samba was
put in so that when Samba and Netatalk are sharing the same directory
structure out to both Windows and MacOS users, the Windows users would be
able to move file around, change permissions, etc, without losing the
MacOS-specific file information (the resource forks, which Netatalk stores
in .AppleDouble directories).

Some of this support was written, but not all of it (just some support

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> > I notice that the netatalk support in Samba 2.0.X never got completed;
> > be happy to work on getting it done (as I need that functionality here).
> > have checked out the HEAD branch as a starting point. Is that the
> > starting point, or should I start from some other branch? Is anyone else
> > actively working on this item?
> As far as I remember, this implements the SMB protocol over the Appletalk
> layer, as opposed to TCP/IP or NetBEUI.  It does not share SMB files over
> Appletalk.
> What's needed is a way to patch the Netatalk package into deriving a
> shared file system according to what Samba is sharing, and something
> similar for printers.  Files aren't too difficult to do on Linux--a
> loopback smbmount, with the resultant directory reshared through Netatalk
> would work, although it's a Gross and Disgusting Hack to be sure ;-)
> Printing is trickier to use in this regard, but really it almost seems
> like The Right Way To Do This is a config tool that matches the Netatalk
> config with the Samba config.
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