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Subject: Groups bug - a different one?


I've been having trouble getting my postings through to the mailinglists,
so here's an email directly to you - you appear to be the most responsive
in the development team ;)

If this email is mis-addressed, then please forward to the appropriate

This is what I discovered, using Samba 2.0.6 running on two different
Linux boxes. One is configured as PDC and is a NIS master for the unix
user/group database, the other samba box is a NIS slave and samba is
using "security=server" (with server = the samba PDC box).

It appears that samba on the NIS slave does not recognize a user's (primary) 
group membership when that user is not explicitly enumerated in group on
the NIS master's groupfile, while that user has that group as it's primary 

In other words, if a certain user 'foo' has primary GID of group 'bar'
in the /etc/passwd file, but user 'foo' is *not* enumerated in the
/etc/group file in the group 'bar', then only the samba server running on
the NIS master will recognize that user 'foo' is a member of group 'bar';
the samba server running on the NIS slave does not.
Or at least, this is what I found when assigning group priviliges for
samba shares.

Is this a bug or a feature?



  Michel van der Laan	-	michel at

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