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Thu Jan 6 07:28:22 GMT 2000

Hi Dan,

I have two WB workstations and the Penguin.  My wife's WinBlows is in the
next room.  30-40Ft. MAX cable lenght.  My WB is on the end of a 5Ft
commercial patch cable to the hub, and the Penguin is on another 5Ft patch
cable to the hub.  Network traffic is extremely light at this moment from
Gloria (Wife), and I use it for light duty storage.  I am afraid to dump a
bunch of accounting clients on it until I can call it reliable <G>, but she
does have some on there.  All WB's have the D-Link DFE540TX+ and now the
Penguin has the linksys.  It is identical to the setup I have for our
office in Colorado Springs, and the trouble is the same in both places.
Get one fixed, and I have the issues everywhere licked, kicked and out the
door!! <G>

My hub has collision indicators and they never blink.  Ifconfig ALWAYS
reports no collisions.  If they are happening, they are doing it out of
sight, unless I am looking in all the wrong places...

Thanks as always!  Please don't give up yet <G>

At 11:07 PM 1/5/2000 -0800, Dan Kaminsky wrote:
>	What's your network infrastructure?
>	Could you be causing so many collisions that the hub is
>partitioning off your portion of the network?
>	I THOUGHT this seemed familiar, because the above was *exactly*
>what happened to me a few years back.  Same may apply to you?
>Yours Truly,
>	Dan Kaminsky
>	DoxPara Research

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