Ethernet Errors - One Direction Only

John john at
Fri Jan 7 02:18:38 GMT 2000

Well, the latest!

I went and got a Xover cable to insert between one WinBlows box and my
Penguin.  Unfortunitly, I have nothing successful to report.  Same symptoms

I found some C tools on that Mr.
Becker talks about and compiled them and ran them, but wouldn't know how to
interpret the output <snicker>  No errors though, so can't be all bad.

Also on that site is explained how to set the various options when the
module is inserted, and I turned debugging on to the max.  Received no
information to speak of in my messages or debug file, even after a file
transfer that had RX over runs.  Just what it set the registers for auto
negotiation at.  Hummm....  So I assume (bad on my part) that the driver
module thinks things are peachy keen.

Onward & Upward!

John Jaeger - Billings, Montana

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