Using Samba -- domain logins

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Jan 5 03:42:17 GMT 2000

(Please know that these comments are not intended to
be directed at anyone in particular)  :-)

Steve Langasek wrote:
> Nowhere does it suggest that setting this option is a 
> no-no if you have an NT domain using the same name as 
> your workgroup.

I know.  And that is just wrong (that the documentation 
is not complete)!  Why is the MS crap so convoluted?!
We've been through this conversation before though, so
i'll not start it up again (unless some one wants to 
of course). :-)

One of the main problems in my opion is that so much 
of configuring Samba requires and understanding of Windows
networking, which you're standard UNIX admin doesn't have.
(no flames on this please.  I have to administer both).

The whole area of knowledge is just so much more than 

  * download the source
  * gzip -dc samba-latest.tgz | tar cvf -
  * ./configure
  * make; make install

Sorry...Sorry...I'm ranting now...and am becoming 

[after coming back from coffee break...]
ok.  What is the solution?  Better documentation?
Absolutely?  How  'bout a better way to get people
to read the documentation?  That's a tough one.
Perhaps having as much to do with having so 
many separate files in docs/*  Anyone wqant to 
write a book on Samba?  No wait...we've aleready
done that (couldn't resist).

Do you think that Paul Vixie has this kind of 
problem with DNS?  I think people assume that DNS,
Sendmail, etc... are hard to administer.  However,
MS has said looks our network is so easy!!
And therefore Samba should be easy.  If MS
networking is so easy, what do I spend 80% of 
my time administering windows boxes?

ranting again...sorry...sorry...

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