selling GPLd software (was Re: (M)IDL compiler)

tridge at tridge at
Tue Feb 29 18:34:38 GMT 2000

> they can only, according to the license (GPL), charge for media and
> support (because they are selling, they are legally bound to provide
> service, which is to be honest mostly just a warm-and-fuzzy feeling rather
> than actually anything concrete :)


please Luke, re-read the GPL with a fresh eye, not one tainted by

The GPL does allow you to sell the GPLd work. You may charge anything
you like. You are not forced to provide support. You are not forced to
charge only for media.

You do have to follow a number of well defined conditions, and those
often make it hard to charge a high price, and often make it a much
easier sell if you emphasise the support/service side, but these are
consequences not of strict requirements but of economic common sense.
There are many companies that sell GPLd software. They just much more
than just media costs. That is OK.

The GPL is not about money. 

Cheers, Tridge

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