ACL / SD support

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Feb 17 18:16:58 GMT 2000

> > first of all, do you _need_ an SD for a print job?
> ME ? no. I don't need an SD, but I need a coffee.

:)  try root beer, it's got caffeine in it.
> > jean-f, the discussion here is regarding file and directory objects, not
> > print objects.  therefore, any arguments and discussion related to print
> > objects do not apply to file and directory objects.
> true. but SD are used everywhere, on disk objects, print objects, process,
> physical ports, washing machine, you can stick an SD on most object in NT.
> So I propose to go one step further and implement Access Tokens.

you mean, SeAccessCheck function?
> > we can open up another thread if you like to discuss those.  i am going to
> > have to emulate the use of SDs in the lsarpc and samr pipes and probably
> > the svcctl pipe, too.  basically, by storing an SD in a file on a
> > per-object basis, or implicitly creating one in memory-only.
> So you agree with me. We need SD for everything !

yes, i do.

> I have been assimilated, thanks to my SD ;-)

agh!  no!  not another one!

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