Samba execute issue.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Feb 17 16:35:22 GMT 2000

Just a dumb question, but...

If you copy one of those files to the local drive on the client, can you
execute it from there?  That is, are you certain that the executables will
actually run on the client.

You probably are, but it's those silly little things that cause trouble.

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On Feb 18,  3:11am, Brian Stephens wrote:
> Subject: Samba execute issue.
> I was just working with a customer who is getting a
> message of "Execute permission denied" when running
> any of the executables in the bin directory. I have
> checked the permissions on the files and have opened
> them up to 777 and still have the same problem. In the
> same directory there is an ascii script, this script will
> execute fine.
> HP platform Samba 2.05a
> Any thoughts?
> Brian Stephens
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