Seagate Backup Exec 7.2 failing...

Mayers, P J p.mayers at
Tue Feb 8 19:12:28 GMT 2000

Update: it is able to backup the mailserver (running samba 2.0.6) fine, si I
guess I need a "better browsing" version. Confirmations welcome.


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Seagate backup exec 7.2 is failing on my version of samba (CVS HEAD from
oct 4 1999, configured --with-ldap)

Everything works well, except this one application. Basically, it seems
be calling Opnum 0x10 on \pipe\srvsvc, then failing, then trying to open
\pipe\winreg and opening System\CurrentControlSet\LanmanServer\Shares
(which obviously fails) then it dies. The application returns a very
cryptic error:

"A device specific error occured"

Any ideas? Is this fixed in later versions, or do I need a better
fileserving version (2.0.7?) for this?

I've got a 100 level debug log, but it's too big for the list (about
45kb -
on't let me post it..)


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