very slow "network login" over PPP

Daniel Stenberg Daniel.Stenberg at
Wed Feb 2 08:37:17 GMT 2000

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

[ wasted time doing tons of broadcasts ]

> there _may_ be some settings to disable NetBIOS-over-TCP "broadcast" mode
> and set it to "point-to-point" mode only.

My biggest problem with all changes I might be able to do, is that I am
not allowed to do a single change to the clients or their setups. All
changes must be at the server-side.

I'm not allowed to discuss all the parts of the system setup, but my
server is supposed to take care of clients it may never have seen before
and it may never see again afterwards. The clients may have 'domain-login'
enabled and my job is to cut the overhead time this involves as much as
possible (with any means necessary). Further, it should not cause any
dialogs or information requests to appear at the client's side (which this
solution currently does, why I am not happy with it so far).

Thanks for the help, the time and for samba in general! ;-)

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