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> > Scope IDs, OTOH, do allow you to give the same netbios name to multiple
> > machines, so it might not be a bad idea to include support for scope, but
> > that's neither here nor there.
> >
> Yes, that's true if you have one network!
> On different networks machines may have the same NetBIOS name, but I think
> in this case to address another network the server name will be a dns name
> not a netbios one....

But there *is no separate network* where NetBIOS is concerned *unless* 
you use scope.

The NetBIOS name space is flat, and the NBT system defines a virtual LAN. 
Even when using multiple IP subnets (which requires a WINS server), the 
name space is a single space.

If you are trying to connect to two different servers that have the 
same NetBIOS name you might be able to fudge it by using DNS names or IP 
addresses to designate the servers.  I am not sure if that works.

The problem with using scope is that no one has yet produced a client or
server that implements it to its full potential.  A scope ID is,
essentially, a mechanism for defining vLANs within a given NetBIOS LAN. If
Richard's library can allow users to access multiple scopes it will be a 
big win.

> In effect workgroup is not important, but it may be simply considered
> optional.

I'm not sure about this.  I think you need to declare the workgroup you 
are in (when using workgroups) in order for the server to handle the 
authentication.  The same is true for ntdomains, though the 
authentication is handled by the domain controller.

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