change to trim_string

Kenichi Okuyama okuyamak at
Wed Dec 27 07:35:37 GMT 2000

Dear all,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Centry.

Here is diff patch of trim_string() performance tuning to samba head
branch.  It was originally passed to SUGJ version of samba-2.0.7,
and was accepted, and being tested there. I'd like to Thank to Samba
User Group Japan.

Please attach the patches, then run "make proto", for I changed the
parameter of trim_string().

Current trim_string() (original one ) have several weak point
against Multi-Byte treatment. But I did not fix it, for the
weakpoint does not exists only at here, but everywhere.  Fixing
Multi-byte weakpoint means we have to re-design entire filename
treating function, and it's interfaces. Since we have to do this
anyway when we are to shift to UTF-8, I simply kept my trim_string()
as compatible as possible, though I did change the parameters.

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